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Why You Should Get a Kindle DX

Why You Should Get a Kindle DX

Amazon is one of the most innovative companies in the world. It has been around for years and has been transformed from a small book retailer to a huge company in a matter of years. Amazon’s latest project involves getting people to switch from paper books to digital content. Amazon’s weapon? The Kindle! This is a gadget that lets you read documents and take thousands of books with you on the go. And since the device is using the latest E-ink technology, you are not going to hurt your eyes with Kindle like you would by staring at a monitor.

Kindle DX is the latest Amazon gadget that tries to address some of the concerns that shoppers had about its predecessor. You get a 9.7 inch screen that now lets you read college textbooks and technical documents without going for the next page button all the time. That was one of the main complaints about the ebook readers on the market, but with this gizmo you can read all kinds of documents on the go. You can also rotate the screen and read your content in portrait or landscape mode.

Amazon’s latest gizmo now provides native support for PDF. Prior to the introduction of Kindle DX, you had to convert your PDF documents in order to read them on your device. Now, you don’t have to do that. In addition, you can read .docx documents on your gadget too. And you can sync your device with your iPhone using the Whisphersync service.

What I like about Kindle DX is the fact that the battery life hasn’t suffered at all. You still go for 2 weeks between each and every charge, which means you don’t have to keep looking for your adapter to charge your gizmo. Overall, if you are looking for a device to help you never buy paper books again, this is the one to own.

Looking to buy Kindle DX?

Kindle DX is one of the best ebook readers ever made. It has a big screen. It supports PDF documents. To find Amazon Kindle DX deals and discounts, log on to Kindle DX Store

By Panah C Rad Platinum Quality Author

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Kindle DX : Customer Reviews

Kindle DX Bigger is Better, In THIS Case 5 July, 2009
I’ve had the Kindle DX for nearly a month now, and have compared it to the other Kindle Models. Here are my thoughts about the Kindle DX:
-The larger screen is a must have for the avid reader. One doesn’t wish to be scrolling pages every ten seconds because the page is so small; the page size is bigger than a paperback novel - - probably nearly as big as a new release hard cover.
-Downloading new books is simple. Turn on the wireless, Click on Books in the main menu, type in the author’s name (or the genre if you are browsing), find the book you want, click on “buy”, and the book is there within 20 - 30 seconds. No more waiting a week to get a book. I love finding authors new to me, so when I’m reading a new author, and I decide I really like that author, it takes 15 seconds to find other books by that author - - no more trips to the local bookstore, or ordering from Amazon and waiting for the order to arrive!
-I quite often am reading in different places, and the text turns as you turn the Kindle DX. Very handy!
-If you turn the wireless off when not in use (very simple to do from the main menu), battery power is greatly enhanced, and a charge will last more than a week even with heavy use.
-The main menu is relatively easy to navigate - - the 5 way button allows you to move up and down the menu, sideways allows you to move forward or backward in the menu. Pressing the button allows you to make a choice. Very intuitive and easy to navigate.
-ALL pages of every book you purchase are viewable - - cover, table of contents, title pages, acknowledgements, comments from authors or others, everything.
-I download the New York Times daily. It is easy to read, slightly less easy to navigate, but hey, the NYT instantly available every day on the Kindle DX….
-The weight and size make the Kindle DX a little cumbersome…it’s not as light as a single book, but it also never feels “heavy”. It’s big when you compare to a regular Kindle or Kindle 2, but its not overly big. And, when I think of being able to have 20-30 books right there in my hand, given how easy it is to use and read, well, who cares about the weight?!?
Last thought: as mentioned, I’ve had the Kindle DX for just under a month. The other day, I found a paperback book I had half read on a recent international flight. I picked it up, thought about it, then put it back down…I realized I much prefer (already!) reading on the Kindle DX! Surprised me.

By Aric Krause

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Kindle DX: Amazon’s 9.7″

Kindle DX: Amazon’s 9.7″

Even better than Kindle 1 & 2,

Reading on the Kindle DX is such a joy. I’ve been so happy with my first generation Kindle 1, but the DX takes Kindle reading to the next level. The amount of content that fits onto the screen is a vast improvement to the experience. And even better than the *quantity* of content is the *quality* of the content. The display on the Kindle DX is truly phenomenal.

I write technical documents for a living. The product documentation that I write is full of images, diagrams, and rich formatting. I’ve tried loading my PDF documents onto my Kindle 1, but they won’t display. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I loaded my PDFs onto the Kindle DX. The formatting of the page displayed perfectly!!! Zooming and rotating was simple.

I read a lot of technical documents too. I’ve always been sorry that I couldn’t read good technical books on my Kindle 1 (the latest Photoshop books, etc.) They look great on the DX though. With the Kindle DX, you can carry your whole reference library with you: dictionaries, reference manuals, the Bible, … I even have PDF versions of the shop manuals for our dirt bikes. I haven’t loaded them onto the Kindle DX, but it sure would be easier to have them on one compact device than having five big fat books for the bikes.

The Kindle DX isn’t cheap, but I imagine the price will come down eventually like it did with earlier Kindle versions. It is an astounding device though–truly a game changing piece of equipment. Think of how your TV viewing changed when you got your first TiVo, how driving changed when you got a GPS, how your phone changed when you got voicemail and caller ID. That’s how your reading will change when you get your fist Kindle.

By David Edmiston “Dave”

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Kindle DX : Everything I expected it to be!

Customer Reviews : Kindle DX
I an early adopter of the new Kindle DX. This is new territory for me as I usually let a product be on the market for awhile before stepping in, but it was my 50th birthday,I wanted to rediscover my passion for reading and decided to go for the larger format of the Kindle DX.The Kindle DX is performing exactly as expected. The screen is crystal clear and I have found the ability to modify the fonts very convenient as I like the larger fonts at night when my eyes are tired, but the smaller fonts other times.
The ability to order books is as easy as Amazon says it is. A couple of clicks and 60 seconds later the book is ready to read. Personally, I peruse books using my computer on the website easier and faster, as I like to navigate more as I look for titles.
The devices ability to rotate was more useful than I realized it would be. In particular, I find myself reading upside down to put the next page key on the left-side when I’m snuggled with my wife watching television.
Also, as a do a lot of reading and research while I travel, the ability to download pdf documents a real plus and the elimination of a few pounds of material is good news for my shoulders.
The battery life is excellent and with the wireless turned off, I easily get more than a week of usage (I’ve haven’t pushed the battery life beyond 10 days yet with the wireless off).
Things to note are that not all newspapers / magazines are created equal. It is worth your time to read the reviews and try them them before you buy. As publishers tailor their content for this medium, the quality should go up.
The ‘blink’ when you go from one page to the next took me about an hour to get used to. Now, I don’t even notice it.
Finally, this is a device designed for ‘readers.’ If you are looking for quality pictures or high-end graphics the Kindle DX is not for you!
Overall, highly recommended!

Kindle DX exceeds expectations
After patiently waiting for the release of the Kindle DX, I must say that short deprivation paid off handsomely. The device works very well and both ergonomically and menu structure wise. Using this device suits my reading style and reference and bookmark needs very well. As a left-handed user, I have found the auto rotate feature to be a great bonus as I can now have my page controls either right or left oriented- what innovation! As for battery life and use of whispernet for book and periodical delivery, another grand slam for the Kindle DX. This device has really got me immersed back into reading and enjoying books more than ever.Also, use the device for PDF technical documents and that feature works well for my needs. Yes, it would be great in the future to see TOC integration for PDF, but for the first iteration, the Kindle works great.
E-ink screen is awesome to read in all kinds of lighting conditions and very easy on the eyes. Only negative about the Kindle DX is the tic tac size keys on the keyboard- agree with the other reviewers that they are hard to press and rather tiny; however I did not buy the Kindle to use as a typing device. For notes and such, you can get by just fine and this minor shortcoming will give the Kindle team one more nuance of the device to improve upon in future generations.
Overall, very pleased with my Kindle and Amazon offerings and account settings for the device. Kudos to the Kindle development team for making a great product even more stellar.

By W. Reister “Walt”

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Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover Review

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover Review
The new leather cover for the Amazon Kindle DX is surprisingly very simple, nothing overdone unlike the previous Kindle covers. The leather cover is nothing fancy on the outside, but dependability wise, it’s really more than it seems, and it really fulfills its promise of protecting the Amazon Kindle DX.
This is one of the best things invented and I think that with e-books being published on the internet everyday, a gadget that will read e-books is the most helpful thing. If you love your Kindle and if you love reading e-books then the jacket is one thing that you should be without.
What I love about the new Kindle DX leather cover is the simplicity of the clips and edges designed specifically to offer protection to the Amazon Kindle. It only has a few fastening hinges, all of which are enough to keep the Kindle secure and away from scratch or any kind of tampering.
The thickness of the leather cover, I’ll say is to be about average. The thickness will obviously change and you can feel it, especially if you’re someone who really appreciate the thinness of the kindle. But at the same time, it also protects very good. I’ve learned how to adjust to the thickness, since I originally wanted something that’s both simple yet very effective anyway.
The outside of the Kindle DX leather cover is just a black rough genuine leather, and the edges are like soft felt. I love that it looks classy and it looks very professional. I love how the Amazon Kindle DX looks with its leather cover on, because it makes it look so much better. But what’s the best thing about the Kindle cover? It’s very affordable.
For more information, check other Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover reviews.Erika Ayala works part time for a consumer review company.
Like the iPhone, the Kindle DX will automatically rotate the screen from portrait to landscape mode when you flip the unit on its side.

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Kindle DX Sold Out!

Kindle DX Sold Out!
Its only been six days since the Amazon Kindle DX release…and already it’s sold out!
Either they didn’t make enough or there is a huge demand. Whatever the reason, It’s really hard to tell without the numbers.
In any case, if you order the device today, you will have to wait until June 22 for shipment. Add another couple days and you should get it in a week.
That’s not bad compare to Kindle1 back in November 2007. The wait time was much longer…yet faithful followers were willing to join the line and wait regardless of time.
Oh how times have changed!
Are you a Kindle DX enthusiast?…or a potential early adopter? If you are, then you will need to join the line now! If you don’t, t you could be waiting for a while.
Until next time.
Kindle DX… does Size really matter?
What is the real scoop with the Amazon Kindle DX? Why was it built with such a large screen…9.7″… when the only difference between it and Amazon Kindle 2 is it’s size and capacity?
The answer …it was built with Newspapers, magazines and textbooks in mind!
Yes, Kindle 2 can display magazines, newspapers…but where are the ADs that goes along with them?…they are all missing in action!
…as a result, Amazon not only set the price for these Newspapers and magazines, but also deprive the publishers of making additional income.
The publishers are grumbling, and Amazon is listening. After all, what else can they do, when there are some many competitors on the horizon?
They have to oblige if they are going to stay ahead of the game!
…and what will this mean for the public? Magazine and Newpaper subscriptions will be cheaper, Amazon will still gets it share, and publishers will stand to earn more from the ADs… so they can afford to cut subscription prices.
I can almost assure you that very soon after the Kinlde DX is released, you will see an advertising component added to its newspaper and magazines issues.
When and how it will be done? We don’t know yet, but it’s coming…mark my words.
One more thing about this new Kindle DX, the increased screen size is “perfect’ for magazine and newspaper display…making them somewhat closer to the “real” thing.
TextbooksOne other component that’s being tested right now is textbook. Imagine the income potential from making textbooks available on the Kindle DX. Schools will get involved, more people will become aware of the Amazon Kindle, Kindle sale will skyrocket, and the snowball will grow out of control.
…well, its in the works!
In fact there are pilot programs going on as we speak.
Can you see into the future? Kindle DX is about to change some things for sure.
Until next time….Let us know your thoughts!.

Kindle DX - a small step forward

Kindle DX - a small step forward

I also own a SONY PRS500. So I am already familiar with eink technology. I think that adjusted my expectations for the Kindle DX. The main reason I bought the Kindle DX is to read PDF files so that I can carry and read a lot of papers and technical documents (some highly confidential). This is my experience so far. Hopefully it will help others.1) Reading PDF

Not all PDF’s are the same. Kindle DX can do a pretty good job cutting the margins so that the PDF is display in good size. But some PDF’s are designed to be printed as hard copies. And they have really fat margins.

So I play around with Adobe Acrobat to make come up with a workable solution. If you have the full Acrobat version there is a feature to crop the margins (Crop Pages). I can trim the margins to a bear minimum and now all my PDF’s are very readable in portrait mode.

Some PDF’s are locked. I have to find some program for Windows that can unlock the pages before I can crop the margins. Just google for unlock PDF.

I also have some PDF’s that are about 1000 pages. Kindle DX choked on those. It just keeps rebooting when I open the files. I have to split those up to two files. It might be a function of the files size and/or number of pages.

2) Organizing books

This is the part that the Kindle software is doing a poor job. There are a few limited options to sort the list of books. Since I am going to have a lot of my own documents it is not going to work well. I think some way to organize books by folders is badly needed.

3) Support

I don’t think the support staff are all well trained. I also have a problem with the web browser. My Kindle DX came pre-registered. I think it is a nice touch by Amazon. But for some reason the setup broke the web browser. I counldn’t connect to the internet and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. It took two calls to support to get it resolved. The trick is to revert to factory default settings. The second support person then have to help me restore all my settings through the wireless connection. It was pretty painless process. But the first support person I contacted didn’t seen to be aware of the process.

There is also no excuse why my Kindle DX is pre-configured incorrectly

4) UI

I am pretty good with gadgets. I own lots of them. I also have years of experiences with GUI design. I found the GUI inconsistent and difficult to use at times. A GUI design always offers way for user to discover he features. This is not always the case with Kindle. Some features have to be turned on with combination of key strokes that are non intuitive. Typing numbers with the ALT key is also awful.

I’ll keep the Kindle DX. It has indeed helped me to solve a problem adequately. But it is an imperfect device that leave me wanting.


Johnny Chan “Johnny”